The positive and negative effects of music on teenagers

Tinnitus can result from listening to music at high volumes or amplitudes. Music Therapy for Treating Heart Complications credit: For example, the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor can cause teens to associate with the underdog.

Does it incite violence. But other times it is seen as negative and downgrading. When they hear about, or see in the videos, expensive possessions, they feel that if they spend their money to buy that stuff, they can be Just like the people in the videos.

This is different Han the false sense of belonging because instead of the individual trying to fit in, they are finding the place where they fit in, while not changing themselves. As music is a way to express emotions, many teenagers might try to make their own music, which can create healthy emotional expression.

Learning another teenager likes the same style of music or band can be an easy way for two teenagers to share a connection and begin a relationship, whether friendship or something more. Tinnitus is a highly subjective condition; some patients claim to perceive sounds of animals or even popular songs.

It is expected that the youth of society are going to follow the message that is being portrayed in these songs, as some of these artists are role models According to C. Another common misconception is that the only style of music used in therapy is classical music. Apparently, this behavior is because the lyrics in many rap songs promote the idea of women as nothing more than sexual objects.

At the same time, if a person is not experiencing those negative thoughts, the music can act as a catalyst, causing the teen to have these thoughts and urges.

How Does Music Affect Teenagers?

Listening to rock music helps adolescents gain access to peer groups whose members prefer the same kind of music. Building Communities Music tastes and interests can often bring people together, especially teenagers.

Correspondingly, it was shown that youth who listened to rap songs were more likely to get involved with drugs. Positive Effects of Music on Teens By Chris Brower ; Updated September 15, Music is often targeted to teenagers, and because teenagers typically go through big changes and start making life-affecting decisions in their teens, many people naturally wonder what effects music has on teenagers.

According to the College-Bound Seniors National Report, done in by the College Examination Board, students who partake in music performance scored, on average, 41 points higher on math and 57 points higher on verbal than students who did not partake in music performance.

Negative Effects of Rap Music on Teens

In a study done by the Music Educators National Conference inhigh school students who were actively involved in music, through their school or some other facility, scored much higher math and verbal scores than their nonmusical peers.

There is a large tendency to focus on instruments, especially the guitar, which requires considerable skill to play. Critics of the genre say that the music objectifies women and promotes drug use.

Believe that music is an integral part of American life, and that music reflects American culture and society; there were mentions of the skills that music education can provide access to, including the historical and cultural significance of music in civilizations and societies.

Negative Effect of Rock Music among Teenagers Who Idolize Rock Music Singers Introduction Music is everywhere and it is in everything, it is considered as the way of expression in which freedom is a privilege. It has many features and purpose, like an extraordinary way of communication through art.

The hormonal rush associated with adolescence makes teens, especially females, prone to mood swings and depression. Positive rock music provides depressed teens with a means to forget their problems and engage in healthy activities such as dancing.


Positive Effects of Music on Teens

Many youths get easily influenced during adolescence. Music is highly influential can create negative impacts on youths.

Positive Effects of Music on Teens

Constant exposure to negative issues such as sex, drugs and violence can lead /5(11). How Does Music Affect Teenagers? November 15, Here are just a few of the numerous positive effects that music has on children. It’s better to explain why listening to inappropriate music may create a negative impression in society.

Positive & Negative Effects of Music

Let your child discuss with you why he/she prefers certain genres of teen music and particular. Despite the positive effects Dancehall music might have on our young people, it has become more a pathway for moral degradation with our young people.

Dancehall lyrics are found to be crude as it promotes sexual behaviors, sexual imagery and violence.

The positive and negative effects of music on teenagers
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