The difference and similarities between the american and asian educational system

Instead, the system divides scores into percentages and assigns different grades to specific percentages. Below are 4 of the biggest differences I've also experienced in the classroom while studying abroad. This can consist of any of the following: They assume kids would fall in with a bad crowd, smoke, drink, or do other mischievous things if they are banned from the class.


They go to the nearest school. Comments It is very interesting to see different norms and cultures while traveling in a new country.

Whether lower or higher, students of all the grades have to sit for the examination. Your charts were also informative, and it was neat to see the differences shared between the US and Japan. While it is normal for American students to have casual conversations with their teachers on their day or the weather, it is almost unimaginable for Asian students.

I had no idea that there were three semesters, and it makes me kind of jealous. It also seems like a lot of the curriculum is similar between America and Japan, except for the language components. These schools try to compromise between the three traditional school types. Due to the hierarchical and formal relationship, the thought of talking to teachers about matters outside school makes Asian students cringe.

In American schools, students also participate in a variety of after-school activities to express themselves.

Difference Between American and Japanese Schools

The French education system is divided into four parts: German students attending Realschule receive a higher level of education. This decision determines the further occupation in life.

The standard of education is high. In the US, many parents spend all their life even with second jobs saving enough money to finance higher education for their children.

Grading System In America, if a student gets a particular score, they receive a grade for that score range.

A comparison: The German and American Educational System

The Diploma is rather equivalent to the American master's degree. This type of comprehensive school has established itself in the last 25 years of the German educational system because of political reforms.

Similar to the American elementary school, children usually attend primary school for four years. Savannah Boothe March 20, at 9: The main objective of the Hauptschule is to prepare students for their entry into the world of work.

Some children get distracted easily, and with only 15 other kids around them, so I can not imagine what 39 other distractions are like. Grades The American grading system is very simple — when a student gets a particular score, he or she gets a grade that is in the range for that score e.

The Berufsschule teaches the academic curriculum with practical background, while the student becomes an apprentice at a company and learns the practical hand-on curriculum. In comparing Chinese vs. Comments It is very interesting to see different norms and cultures while traveling in a new country.

And they know the students are most likely going to listen to the same subject matter in private academy later.

Transportation In America, kids go to school in a school bus. I am pretty curious about student life though, you mentioned part time jobs and group dates but I was wondering about the structure of the university beyond social activities If there is one at all. The difference is, Japanese schools seem to place tremendous pressure on success and performance during these activities, and also require students to focus on only one club.

Previously I wrote about 5 surprising culture shocks I've encountered in America. 5 Differences of the Chinese and American Classroom.

Differences between the U.S. and Japanese Education Systems

November 3, Here are the 5 Differences between the Chinese and American Classroom: Keep in mind that our intentions of this blog article were not to point fingers at which educational system is better, but to highlight how the learning experience is complex and does not follow.

Below are Atlantic notes by James Fallows and others on the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese and American school systems.

The most important difference between the American and British educational system us the amount of time it takes to finish the degree (except Scotland, where some of the bachelor’s degree also lasts four years). There are some differences between American and Japanese schools, and these differences include the amount of school days that are attended by the children and the types of schools available, as well as the pressure exerted on the children in order for them to achieve good grades.

In Japan, the. Comparison between education System in Malaysia and education System in USA. Education is the responsibility of the Government and it is committed to providing a sound education to all. This writing is about the differences in education system in Malaysia country and USA country.

The difference between Chinese and American education systems is that they have an extremely very high excellent education rate with all % of them both males and females getting straight A+ and.

The difference and similarities between the american and asian educational system
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What are the differences between Chinese and American education system