Outline and evaluate the biological explanation

In this view, the writer relates the story of the first ancestors as a warning against national self-determination.

Outline and evaluate biological explanations of schizophrenia (essay)

In evaluation of family studies it may be concluded that they are not very reliable as they are retrospective. Explore the Garden of Eden gallery at the companion website.

The Hebrew term adam as used in Genesis is ambiguous. This story could also be read in an opposite way, as a tale of healthy human growth and maturation see Bechtel, Discovering the sexual impulse means that one cannot go back to the state of innocence ever again.

Outline and evaluate evolutionary explanation of the function of sleep (8+16 marks)

It is a reductionist model that focuses on a specific biological mechanism, and in so doing ignores social and environmental factors. Support for neurochemicals as an explanation of sleepwalking comes from Oliviero Alternatively, the dopamine hypothesis suggests that schizophrenia occurs from an excess activity of dopamine in certain parts of the brain.

Two descendants are of special interest in Chapter 5, Enoch and Methuselah. Neurochemical explanations are reductionist: Synoptic links for the dopamine model of addiction The dopamine model is a determinist explanation for addiction as it states that people with fewer dopamine receptors will indulge in addictive behaviours.

This is a strength because this was found using scientific brain scans which are objective and standardised so they are not affected by bias. The biblical text telescopes developments that took many, many generations into a brief span. Both family and twin studies face the problem of ignoring environmental impacts.

Did you eat from the tree from which I commanded you not to eat. While he slept he took one of his ribs and closed up with flesh the place where it had been.

You may want to review our list of videosall recently produced. But still he found no fitting friend. Another neural explanation of sleep walking has been put forward by researchers as a result of stress onset, consequently indicating a second neural explanation of sleepwalking.

This view is probably mistaken. Although there have been many neurotransmitters associated with schizophrenia, dopamine seems to be the most important.

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Go to the companion website for a table about repetitions in the priestly creation story. Approval from other organizations is usually easy to get but some require that application be made prior to the course.


But, however, high levels of cortisol were found in patients going through stressful life events who were not stressed. Because of the high levels of dopamine, this causes the basal ganglia to become overactive.

Similar to the Gottesman study two other studies showed higher concordance rates for MZ twins and lower in DZ twins however each had slightly different results. If MZ twins who have been raised apart booth show the same behaviour, then the behaviour is probably genetic; but if only one of them has that behaviour then it may well be caused by the environment.

In some OCD sufferers, the caudate nucleus is due to low levels of serotonin or brain damage, causing all unnecessary thoughts to be acted upon. The similarities and differences between Genesis 1 and the Enuma Elish are intriguing see Heidel, The theory is also reductionist because it ignores the main role of nurture, however it does state that a predisposition is inherited allowing for the role of nature in the initiation of the illness.

Creation of Adam and Eve 2: It is also important to note that the federal government and most states do not review, approve or evaluate radiation safety courses. Start studying Outline and evaluate biological explanations of OCD.


Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Free Essay: Outline and evaluate the biological explanation of depression. Biological explanation of depression can be explained by neurotransmitter. Outline & evaluate the biological explanation of phobic disorders: The biological explanation for the acquisition of phobic disorders establishes that phobias are caused by genetics, innate influences and the principles of biochemistry.

This theory recognises that an oversensitive fear response may. Examine one evolutionary explanation of behaviour. Introduction. State what you are doing in the essay ; This response will attempt to uncover the assumptions and interrelationships of the evolutionary explanation for emotion, in particular, disgust.

Examination questions on biological explanations: January Outline one biological and one psychological explanation for obsessive compulsive disorder (9) Evaluate explanations for obsessive compulsive disorder (16) June Not examined -Psychological therapies and clinical characteristics January June January Outline and evaluate biological therapies as treatments of depression.

There many forms of treatment to cure depression, many of which are biological. These target the physical and chemical side of the body.

Outline of thought Outline and evaluate the biological explanation
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