Global warming the controversy and its

Debunking Misinformation About Stolen Climate Emails in the

Contribution of natural factors and human activities to radiative forcing of climate change. Since the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is relatively constant, scientists' main concern is the amount of carbon dioxide, which is produced by burning of fossil fuels and wood, and by decomposition of biologically-produced materials a significant amount of which is due to deforestation.

Extreme climate change could result in a cost of 20 percent GDP or greater. Some of this surface warming would be driven by past natural forcings which have not yet reached equilibrium in the climate system.

Water vapor, not CO2, is the primary greenhouse gas. This is partially attributed to the melting of ice caps and glaciers, but more to the changes in the gases contained within the sea.

Spiked described the programme's "all-encompassing cosmic ray theory" as "a little unconvincing", but said that "the film poked some very big holes in the global warming consensus", and argued "we could do with more anti-conformist films from 'mavericks' like Durkin".

Denialists are treated as heretics and equated with holocaust deniers. At this time, there is no evidence that scientists "fudged," "manipulated" or "manufactured" data.

He is strongly associated with the other people on the programme though co-authored reports, articles, conference appearances and co-signed statements.

For instance, I often show that diagram in my lectures on climate change but always make the point that it gives no proof of global warming due to increased carbon dioxide. Tree rings are a largely consistent source of data for the past 2, years.

Nature itself can be blamed, but humans have emitted more CO than any other group of species in the world. The stolen emails were published just two weeks ahead of a major U. These scientists hold to a strict definition of global warming as being defined as a rise in atmospheric temperature, they do not consider the atmospheric precursors as valid evidence.

The timing of the publication of these emails should make us suspicious about the motivations of the people who hacked them. He noted that Dominic Lawson is the son and brother-in-law, respectively, of two prominent global warming sceptics Nigel Lawsonwho is also featured in the programme, and Christopher Moncktonimplying that Lawson was not a neutral observer.

The path that earth is on at this moment is really dangerous. The inset small graph in upper right of figure 1 shows the atmospheric levels of CO2 for the last 50 years.

In view of the seriousness of climate change as an issue, it is crucial that public debate about it is balanced and well-informed".

Marshall Institutehave been criticized for their alleged links to fossil fuel companies.

Global Warming: The Controversy And Its Impacts Paper

A recent film, The Great Global Warming Swindle alleged that the theory of anthropogenic global warming was a "scam" promoted by a multi-billion dollar industry. The Controversy of Global Warming: Who Is Right? Essay example. The global warming controversy is an ongoing dispute with two main sides; one stating that the direct cause to global warming is through people’s daily activities and the burning of fossil fuels, while other people all around the world refuse to believe that human.

The Great Global Warming Swindle is a polemical documentary film that suggests that the scientific opinion on climate change is influenced by funding and political factors, and questions whether scientific consensus on global warming exists.

The program was formally criticised by Ofcom, the UK broadcasting regulatory agency, which upheld complaints of misrepresentation made by David King.

The global warming controversy is an ongoing dispute about the effects of humans on global climate and about what policies should be implemented to avoid possible undesirable effects of climate change.

Major fossil fuel companies have known for decades that their products—oil, natural gas, and coal—cause global warming. Their own scientists told them so more than 30 years response, they decided to deceive shareholders, politicians, and the public—you!—about the facts and risks of global warming.

Yes, global warming is real and most of the recent increases in temperature are directly the result of human actions. However, a number of predictions publicized in the media present unrealistic scenarios of doom and gloom.

“The Great Global Warming Swindle” (DVD/video/movie) is a pseudo-documentary in which British television producer Martin Durkin has fraudulently misrepresented both the data involved and scientists who have researched global climate.

Global warming the controversy and its
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