Causes and solutions to the obesity epidemic

Substantial evidence shows that access to parks and other recreation facilities is lower in low-income, low-education, and minority communities, at least in the United States.

As research advances and experience with environmental and policy intervention deepens, these approaches should be updated. Medication treatment of obesity should be used only in patients who have health risks related to obesity. Nestle agrees that exercise is important, but she lays more stress on eating habits.

Genetics and behavior have been shown to contribute to weight gain; parents and children gain weight in households shown to contain more energy-dense foods, and in household where parents are not physically active Anderson, This condition puts people at a higher risk for serious diseases, such as type 2 diabetesheart diseaseand cancer.

Obesity is also a major cause of type 2 diabetes. Observational studies have linked BPA exposure in the womb or in infancy to an increased risk of obesity later in life.

Restricting food advertising to children Again, it will require government intervention to do this, just like they did with smoking. Obesity treatment must acknowledge that even modest weight loss can be beneficial.

What's Behind the Obesity Epidemic

Hill reports that while people in the registry lost weight on all sorts of different diets, including protein diets, they tended to shift to a low-fat and high carbohydrate diet to maintain their weight loss.

The Healthy Choice product line began in and now has over healthy products available. Younger generations are ever more dependent on technology; they are watching television and using computers more frequently.

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Public information campaigns about the dangers of smoking. The treatment of obesity cannot be a short-term "fix" but has to be an ongoing lifelong process. Environments to Support Active Recreation People can find recreational physical activities in public parks and trails, on sidewalks or streets, at private facilities like health clubs, and in their homes.

The rapidity of the rise of the obesity epidemic and the discovery that most interventions to help individuals change their eating and physical activity behaviors have only weak and short-lived effects Kumanyika et al.

Physical Activity and Food Environments: Solutions to the Obesity Epidemic

Accordingly, those people living in the neighborhood or working in local organizations should be asked to help identify what is acceptable and promising for increasing the healthfulness of their environments.

Driving itself is an independent risk factor for obesity Frank, Andresen, and Schmid ; Lopez-Zetina, Lee, and Friiswhereas users of public transit are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines Besser and Dannenberg Place tighter controls on the weight loss industry As I pointed out in this piecethe weight loss industry is so full of crap its eyes are brown.

Part of this is explained by the fact that genes play a large role in aspects of weight regulation, such as metabolic rate the rate at which we burn calories when at rest and during activity. Even the government is beginning to step in and offer suggestions as to how to solve childhood obesity, some of their suggestions are; have schools within walking distance of residential neighborhoods, require schools to teach physical education, and discourage consumption of sugary beverages Nanci, n.

So rather than get overwhelmed by depressing statistics or confused by competing theories of how to lose weightit may be best to stick to the established recommendations about eating well and exercising regularly. Additional contributing factors in our society include the food and physical activity environment, education and skills, and food marketing and promotion.

Understanding the American Obesity Epidemic

The food industry is committed to providing the consumer with healthy food options and reliable nutrition information. The consumer environment describes what a person is exposed to inside the food sources, especially in regard to the availability of different types of foods, promotions, and prices Glanz et al.

Metabolic rate tends to slow as we age, so the older a person is, the harder it is to lose weight. However, BMI does have some limitations. As a result, the national debate on menu labeling is growing more insistent Berman and Lavizzo-Moureyand ongoing evaluations should provide valuable information.

Common specific causes of obesity include: There is, in fact, a great deal of consensus on some promising approaches, and this section discusses some of the principles and practices.

The medical community is uniquely positioned and trusted by consumers, because consumers look for nutritional advice from knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals.

Aug 16,  · Obesity is epidemic in the U.S. Currently, 72 million Americans are overweight or obese. But it’s overly simplistic to blame the obesity epidemic solely on people eating too much because of lack of willpower and on sedentary lifestyles.

If there ever was a multifactorial condition, obesity is it—a complex of inter­acting genetic, metabolic, behav­ioral, hormonal, psychological, cul­tural, environmental, and socioeconomic factors, some of which are easier to alter than others.

The epidemic can be reduced through a combined effort by the individual, society and the food industry. The individual has the responsibility to limit energy intake and partake in regular physical activity. The obesity epidemic is a global issue and shows no signs of abating, while the cause of this epidemic remains unclear.

Marketing practices of energy-dense foods and institutionally-driven declines in physical activity are the alleged perpetrators for the epidemic, despite a lack of.

And in this case, it helped create an epidemic of obesity. The government isn’t just letting food corporations run amok, it is often in collusion with them.

Obesity Epidemic

A big part of the solution to obesity involves governments growing a damn spine and protecting the citizens who elected them from the soulless corporations looking to exploit our hunger.

Obesity results from consuming more calories than the body uses, which results in stored fat. Super-size portions and sedentary lifestyles, say nutrition experts Marian Nestle and Michael F.

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The Obesity Epidemic – How To Avoid The Coming Whirlwind Causes and solutions to the obesity epidemic
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