Analysis of the film daughters of the dust written and directed by julie dash

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Interview: Director Julie Dash of ‘Daughters of the Dust’

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Julie Dash

With new acclaim, Daughters of the Dust was re-released in theaters in November, along with a new trailer and poster. Encourage people to take pride in their works and be aware of all levels of production, both internal and external.

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Julie’s current work at White Cube Mason’s Yard — which will be on display through November 3rd, — is: “Less structured than previous work and characterized by their intensely animated and vital surfaces,” notes the exhibit announcement.

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25 years after its world theatrical premiere at Film Forum, Julie Dash’s groundbreaking DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST returns in a stunning new restoration. Set in the legendary Sea Islands off the South Carolina/Georgia coast inthe film follows a Gullah family (descendants of West African slaves) on the eve of its migration to the North.

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Daughters of the Dust (U.S.)

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Analysis of the film daughters of the dust written and directed by julie dash
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