An analysis of the garage sale and the steps needed to make it successful

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Prospects seldom take phone calls or allow interruptions during a video presentation. People will then know you are willing to haggle a bit.

Unfortunately, people see garage sales as a sort of interactive shopping experience. I am aware of non-verbal cues from my prospects and customers.

How to Flip a House: The Ultimate Step by Step Blueprint

Place an ad in your local paper. There are many other methods to finding your first deal, but I have found this to be the most effective for immediate results.

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale – Tips for Pricing Items

An accurate real estate market analysis--also called a comparative market analysis, or CMA--could save you thousands on your next home purchase. Organize and Arrange Your Sale Arrange your tables and put all the clothes on hangers the night before the garage sale.

The audiovisual presentation should not be a substitute for a walking, talking, breathing, thinking sales person. Timing a sale during early morning or late afternoon commuting hours could help grab the eye of commuters, parents taking their kids to school and others looking to snag a deal.

One of the biggest projects. But, do not keep all of it in with you. Once you drop it at a donation center, ask for a receipt.

Things tossed onto a pile or haphazardly onto tables have less appeal and will turn those buyers away. If your video looks shoddy, so may the opinions be of your company.

Start haggling like crazy using effective negotiation strategies on the last day, or in the afternoons after the morning rush. The cheaper the price, the more likely it is to sell. It is important to strike a balance here — if you can "start immediately", the client may feel that you are not busy, and he may conjure up his own reasons of why that is.

Choose a good location. Negotiate the best commission based on future business. Get Ready Give yourself at least an hour before the garage sale starts to set everything out and put up signs.

Also, group like items together: The cost for this presentation will vary depending on what you want your message to be, whether it will require one camera or a two camera shoot, the type and length of the script developed and the production company you choose.

If you buy signs, have them all the same. Put together a nice package including pictures and all costs and projections. Never let it sit in the open as it is just too tempting for the wrong person to grab it and run.

Have plenty of small bills and coins on hand so you can quickly make change for customers. I can tell you from experience that we are so glad we overcame the fear and just started.

Never use a hand-held video camera, and never try to do the video yourself. I am conscious of the impression that I make on others. Mmmm…cash back for a donut?. To run a successful moving sale, yard sale, or garage sale, and get those extra things out of your hands faster, follow the advice of these experienced yard sellers.

STEP 1: ANALYZE YOUR INVENTORY AND DETERMINE YOUR GOALS. 10 Simple Steps to a Successful Garage Sale. Tweet. A garage sale can be a great way to clean out your closets and make some extra cash. But if paying customers can't find you or aren't interested in what you have to offer, your hard work can quickly turn into a wasted Saturday morning.

Top 7 Baby Items You Don't Need to Buy; How To. To perform sales trend analysis, you need a place to input and analyze your sales data. You could use Microsoft Excel or a software platform that is specifically designed for business intelligence.

If you want to sell your house without an agent, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re doing in order to get the money you deserve. Here are 5 steps to sell your home on your own. Having a garage sale takes work and can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To avoid any headaches and to streamline the process, follow a plan from beginning to end. A well-planned garage sale often means a more successful one, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Planning Your Garage Sale 1.

Follow these tips from experienced sellers to have a successful garage sale. 11 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Garage Sale a Success.

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An analysis of the garage sale and the steps needed to make it successful
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Successful Garage Sale Planning - 10 MUST Know Tips!