A description of west side story as a modernized version of the famous story romeo and juliet

Robbins felt if the three were going to join forces, they should return to East Side Story, and Bernstein agreed. Determine how each of these stories resolves the main conflict.

Tony kills Bernardo in a fit of rage, which in turn provokes an all-out fight like the fight in the Prologue. Tony arrives and explains what transpired and asks for her forgiveness before he turns himself in to the police.

As police sirens start blaring in the distance, everybody takes off, leaving behind the bodies of Riff and Bernardo. He knows about the argument, and Maria lies that the boy she danced with was another Puerto Rican.

Make a character list and general plot outline for "Romeo and Juliet. The police arrest Chino and lead him away. Having no real interest in the Jets' conflict with the Sharks, Tony initially refuses and tries to explain to Riff that lately he expects something very important will be coming into his life, but later reconsiders out of loyalty, when he thinks about what might happen there "Something's Coming".

Back at the flat, Tony and Maria are sleeping together. Action Tony Mordente asks to be Riff's lieutenant for the challenge and council, but the Jets leader insists on using Tony Richard BeymerRiff's best friend, and co-founder of the Jets.

West Side Story

Notice the characters that seem to be unique to each story and what each contributes. At the dance, the gangs and girls refuse to intermingle.

How to Compare & Contrast

Bernardo meets up with his friends. Before he goes, they dream of their wedding " One Hand, One Heart ". Bernardo believes that he will fight Tony, but must settle for fighting Diesel, Riff's second-in-command, instead. Maria finds that in spite of everything, she still loves Tony and begs him to stay with her.

Glad Hand John Astinthe chaperon at the dance, tries to make the gangs mix with a get-together dance, but when he is not looking, the boys swap back to their original partners.

He plans to make the challenge to Bernardo, the Sharks' leader, that night at the neighborhood dance. Another reason as to why these ladies fled from their families is that both were different from society.

However, Bernardo angrily demands Tony stay away from her. At the dance, after introductions, the teenagers begin to dance; soon a challenge dance is called "Dance at the Gym"during which Tony and Maria who aren't taking part in the challenge dance see each other across the room and are drawn to each other.

Gradually, all the members of both gangs assemble on either side of Tony's body, showing that the feud is over. When Bernardo pushes Tony, Riff punches him in Tony's defense. Angry at the death of another friend, the Jets move towards the Sharks but Maria takes Chino's gun and tells everyone that "all of [them]" killed Tony and the others because of their hate for each other, and, "Now I can kill too, because now I have hate.

Schrank to stop fighting on their beat. She is complaining to Bernardo's feisty ladyfriend, Anita Rita Morenothat she never gets to do anything exciting.

Sondheim auditioned by playing the score for Saturday Nighthis musical that was scheduled to open in the fall.

West Side Story on Sydney Harbour

Everyone except Maria and Anita has left. Tony has since begun to drift away from the gang, and the Jets think he doesn't belong any more. Romeo and Juliet = The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare early in his career about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.

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West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet have a number of similarities and differences in many ways. The play, Romeo and Juliet, is set in Verona in about In contrast, West Side Story takes place in New York City in West Side Story is the modern day translation of Romeo and Juliet.

Maria doesn't kill herself which is good because it shows she is more mature than Juliet. It is a very accurate modern day translation of Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story takes the iconic stage at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour in Encounter the wildness of youth and ecstasy of love as this modern day Romeo and Juliet unfolds under a starlit sky.

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“West Side Story” was hugely influential, informing Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet,” and even Bloom and Rashad’s Broadway version. There’s no escaping it. Comment s. Similarities between "West Side Story" and "Romeo and Juliet" include the central conflict, the setting where the two main characters meet, the balcony scene and the violent conflict between the characters.

Like "Romeo and Juliet", "West Side Story" is about the forbidden love affair between two.

What Are the Similarities Between A description of west side story as a modernized version of the famous story romeo and juliet
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